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Consultation Services

Oftentimes, the most complicated aspect of cybersecurity is finding a place to begin. And that’s where PSG’s consultation services come in. Our consultants will meet with your team to understand your company, cyber risks, and unique security challenges, after which we can build a bespoke blueprint that encompasses cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance. PSG is also able to provide support with the management of information security and risks, while helping your team develop informative awareness training programs that prepare your people for anything.

PSG’s consultation services include:

Design & Development

Prevention is always better than cure, and no company can ever be too prepared for an unanticipated attack. Our team will help yours design and develop a unique cybersecurity program that covers all of your bases, both tactical and strategic. Our deeply experienced and passionate cybercrime consultants will work with you at every stage of the development process,

SOC Development

An SOC, short for Security Operations Center, is a crucial asset for any business that is serious about defending its territory. However, not all SOCs are created equal. Work with PSG to choose the right SOC development for your needs, which begins with unique design and ends with proper deployment. From skill transfer to your roadmap, and close collaboration, PSG will be there at every stage of the SOC development journey.

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