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The Guardian of your Cyber Infrastructure

Cyberthreats are hiding at every turn. While we can’t stop hackers from trying their luck, we can make sure they don’t succeed. At Dwarapala, we are devoted to helping protect our clients’ businesses by mitigating the ubiquitous threat of cybercrime

As an Indonesian leader in managed security services, we are driven by innovation and inspired by the clients we serve. No matter the size or nature of your business, our mission is to equip you with the information security solutions you need to protect your most sensitive data, mitigate threats before they become bigger threats, and run your business with the peace of mind you deserve.

Together, we sleep with one eye open to safeguard your empire, and we never stop working to keep your data protected around the clock.

Why Choose Us

But with so many managed cybersecurity services companies out there, why choose PSG?
Our clients are for life, because of our:


Dwarapala specializes in the financial and banking sector and is, in fact, the number one choice for 4 out of the 10 leading banks in Indonesia.


Our cybersecurity methodology is tried and tested to create a uniformly successful security experience for all of our clients.


Our security consultants have the very highest level of certification for cybersecurity, including the offensive security OSEE certification.

Proven track record

Our security consultants remain vigilant and are always up to date with the latest exploits in cyber hacking and security

Trusted By Every Sector

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