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Vulnerability Management

Digital attacks happen when you least expect it.

The only way to beat a hacker is to think like a hacker. Our experienced vulnerability management experts will perform a series of white-hat hacking techniques to find gaps in your system – in real-time – through Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS).

Once we know what’s wrong, we’ll know what to fix with immediate effect, which we can do quickly and effectively to save you time, money, and sanity. From vulnerability identification to prioritization to remediation, our vulnerability management services cover the full spectrum to keep your business protected, from code to entire infrastructure.

However, VMaaS is not a once-off quick-fix, but rather, an ongoing process designed to detect and rectify vulnerabilities in your systems and networks. How? Through various tests and scans that generate rapid results. What our clients love most about our real-time vulnerability platform is the ability to communicate, collaborate on, and manage the program within one central space, while mapping all identified vulnerabilities to known threats. Exposed assets are all assigned a risk rating as well.

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Infrastructure Hardening

Digital attacks happen when you least expect it. Don’t let hackers catch you off guard. Work with our passionate security team to toughen up your software and hardware systems to make them more resilient to digital attacks.

Compliance Monitoring

Are your employees following your company’s policies and procedures properly? With PSG’s compliance monitoring services, you’ll find out. Let us perform a full audit to ensure that the required controls are in place.

Patch Management

With a sophisticated and consistent patch management strategy, you can circumvent slow performance, eliminate random reboots, and curb cyberattacks that put your sensitive data at risk.

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