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Compliance Monitoring

Digital attacks happen when you least expect it.

Are your employees following your company’s policies and procedures properly? With PSG’s compliance monitoring services, you’ll find out. Every business has a responsibility to enforce specific internal policies as part of their comprehensive security program, while complying with ever-evolving industry best practices and external regulatory mandates. We will perform a full audit to ensure that the required controls are in place, coupled with ongoing monitoring to certify compliance during all day-to-day activities. Our advanced process leaves zero room for error, so you can rest easier knowing that your company is protected from liability, data breaches, and exorbitant penalties the likes of ISO 27001 and PCI/DSS.

Proteksi Siber Global gives you the control, clarity, and flexibility of a cloud-based compliance solution that automates security control assessment and gives you a reliable, repeatable way to stay compliant and secure – now and in the future.

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Infrastructure Hardening

Digital attacks happen when you least expect it. Don’t let hackers catch you off guard. Work with our passionate security team to toughen up your software and hardware systems to make them more resilient to digital attacks.


Our cybersecurity veterans will make sure your systems are protected around the clock, from network monitoring to security perimeter defenses. This is the smartest way to drastically reduce your chances of falling victim to even the most sophisticated of modern cyber threats.

Vulnerability Management

The only way to beat a hacker is to think like a hacker. Our experienced vulnerability management experts will perform a series of white-hat hacking techniques to find (and fix) gaps in your system.

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