Dwarapala by PSG

Active Defense Services

The only thing better than catching a hacker is beating them at their own game. Our Active Defense Services are a smart way to delay hackers, ultimately making their jobs that much harder. While keeping hackers out of your corporate network is the ultimate goal, such an aggressive cyber defense approach can also increase the likelihood of hackers making mistakes and inadvertently exposing their existence.

Compromise Assessment

What would you do if you found out today that one of your systems has already been compromised? Never underestimate the importance of having a post-compromise recovery strategy in place, with the goal of identifying and responding to hidden threats that would otherwise go undetected – which could have catastrophic results for your business.

Cyberthreat Hunting

Have you been unwittingly letting non-remediated threats slip through the cracks? Through cyberthreat hunting, we’ll find out. The goal is to proactively search for undetected threats and malicious actors lurking in your network which somehow bypassed your initial endpoint security posture.

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