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OSINT as a Services

Protect Your Presence Online

Open Source Intelligence is investigated in order to discover, monitor, and track potential cyber threats that may pose a risk to your system and business security

As an organization, both your employees and facilities are exposed to multiple avenues of cyber-attacks every single day. Our Opensource Intelligence (OSINT) services are designed to uncover what people are saying about you online to help protect and maintain your safety and security.

What is OSINT?

Open-source refers to information that can be accessed by the general public. This is not designated only to web pages and other resources that can be found from a simple Google search. OSINT services allow access to websites, databases, files, and other sources of information that cannot be indexed by popular search engines.

Why Do I Need It?

Open-source information spans a vast majority of content found online. This includes data that is published or broadcast, requested by the public such as census data, made available through subscriptions or purchases. It could even refer to information that could be seen or heard by a casual observer - and multiple other access points.

Because there are so many ways in which data can be accessed or talked about, you need an analyst that can sift through the sea of information and ensure your company is protected through how it is engaged with and discussed.

Our Process

By using a combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses, our OSINT services help businesses like yours uncover what people are saying about you online.

Because the internet has become a hub for the public to express their views and opinions freely, OSINT helps identify and uncover valuable, business-focused pieces of information. This data is then collected and transformed into actionable intelligence and insights for data-driven decision-making. Our objective is to help protect your company so that you can advance your business without worry.

With Our OSINT Services, We’ll Help You Identify:

– Accidental online leaks of important or sensitive company information

– Unsecured internet-connected devices or open ports

– Websites running outdated versions of common CMS products

– Exposed or leaked assets

Managed Security Services

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Active Defense Services

Our Active Defense Services are a smart way to delay hackers, ultimately making their jobs that much harder.

Cyber Crime Investigation Services

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