Dwarapala by PSG

Information Security Compliance Services

Information Security Compliance Services Cybersecurity Audit Services Compliance To Regulation Ensuring that your cybersecurity meets the standards of the regulatory bodies you operate within is an essential part of our service. We make sure that you are able to do business without the fear of repercussions due to negligence in terms of regulation and legislation.… Continue reading Information Security Compliance Services

Consultation Services

Consultation Services Oftentimes, the most complicated aspect of cybersecurity is finding a place to begin. And that’s where PSG’s consultation services come in. Our consultants will meet with your team to understand your company, cyber risks, and unique security challenges, after which we can build a bespoke blueprint that encompasses cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance. PSG… Continue reading Consultation Services

Cyber Crime Investigation Services

Cyber Crime Investigation Services Investing cybercrime is incredibly intricate and complex. The task calls for a team of deeply experienced cybercrime investigators who know technology and how hackers think. From hacking to identity theft, phishing, cyberstalking, and beyond, cybercrime investigation uses specific tools and technology to gather digital evidence for cybercrime analysis. Our cybercrime investigation… Continue reading Cyber Crime Investigation Services

Cybercrime Investigation

Cybercrime Investigation Cybercrime investigations can only be conducted by the industry’s most specialized veterans with the most rigorous training and deep knowledge of local laws and regulations. Cybercrime investigators spend their days performing network analysis, forensic analysis, data recovery, and digital forensic analysis to identify the nature of various digital crimes such as hacking or… Continue reading Cybercrime Investigation

Cyberthreat Hunting

Cyberthreat Hunting Have you been unwittingly letting non-remediated threats slip through the cracks? Through cyberthreat hunting, we’ll find out. The goal is to proactively search for undetected threats and malicious actors lurking in your network which somehow bypassed your initial endpoint security posture. While such threats may have evaded detection until now, our job is… Continue reading Cyberthreat Hunting

OSINT as a Services

OSINT as a Services Protect Your Presence Online Open Source Intelligence is investigated in order to discover, monitor, and track potential cyber threats that may pose a risk to your system and business security As an organization, both your employees and facilities are exposed to multiple avenues of cyber-attacks every single day. Our Opensource Intelligence… Continue reading OSINT as a Services

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring Digital attacks happen when you least expect it. Are your employees following your company’s policies and procedures properly? With PSG’s compliance monitoring services, you’ll find out. Every business has a responsibility to enforce specific internal policies as part of their comprehensive security program, while complying with ever-evolving industry best practices and external regulatory… Continue reading Compliance Monitoring

Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessment What would you do if you found out today that one of your systems has already been compromised? Never underestimate the importance of having a post-compromise recovery strategy in place, with the goal of identifying and responding to hidden threats that would otherwise go undetected – which could have catastrophic results for your… Continue reading Compromise Assessment

Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center Digital attacks happen when you least expect it. SOC (Security Operations Center) as a Service is a crucial asset for any business that is serious about defending its territory. Instead of forking out thousands to maintain a full-time in-house SOC team, you can outsource to us. Our cybersecurity veterans will make sure… Continue reading Security Operations Center

Digital Forensic

Digital Forensic Investigation This specific branch of forensic science is all about gathering and analyzing electronic data that is potentially connected to cybercriminal activity. This is crucial for cases where digital evidence is required to be presented in a court of law, while ensuring that all evidence collected meets ethical and legal standards. Our digital… Continue reading Digital Forensic