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Cyber Crime
Investigation Services

Investing cybercrime is incredibly intricate and complex. The task calls for a team of deeply experienced cybercrime investigators who know technology and how hackers think. From hacking to identity theft, phishing, cyberstalking, and beyond, cybercrime investigation uses specific tools and technology to gather digital evidence for cybercrime analysis.

Our cybercrime investigation services include:

Digital Forensic

This specific branch of forensic science is all about gathering and analyzing electronic data that is potentially connected to cybercriminal activity. This is crucial for cases where digital evidence is required to be presented in a court of law, while ensuring that all evidence collected meets ethical and legal standards.

OSINT as a Services

As an organization, both your employees and facilities are exposed to multiple avenues of cyber-attacks every single day. Our Opensource Intelligence (OSINT) services are designed to uncover what people are saying about you online to help protect and maintain your safety and security.

Cybercrime Investigation

Cybercrime investigations can only be conducted by the industry’s most specialized veterans with the most rigorous training and deep knowledge of local laws and regulations.

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